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Established in 2017, TCC Group LLC, operating in the health, education, information technologies, tourism, petroleum products and international investment consultancy sectors, has grown rapidly with its solution-oriented and human-centered approaches and has become a standard-setting company.

It has:

  • TURKAFEX companies within its structure.

There are 7 official offices of TCC Group in different countries which are in Turkey, Algeria, Somalia, Iraq, Mauritania, Mali and Djibouti and there are cooperation protocol-agreements with the health and related ministries of these countries in various fields, especially in health tourism.

In addition to this:

TCC Group exports medical supplies to Djibouti, Iraq, Bahrain and Sudan.

Message From
Chairman Of The Board

Our main principle since the day we were founded; is to provide trust-oriented service and to ensure full customer satisfaction. We know the importance and value of the work we do and we always consider the basic principles of our government.

We aim to be one of the leading companies that will add value to the development process with our various business models and our people-oriented, unique and different approach. In line with this purpose, we plan to increase the quality to establish long-term cooperation and target partnership with our customers.

We are working to ensure that our solutions can easily benefit from the opportunities offered by advanced technologies and offer new opportunities to humanity, as well as provide humanity a sustainable and happy life. We want to establish long-term cooperation with reasonable and acceptable costs in order to make your life easier, increase efficiency in your business life, and scale. We aim to go further day by day with the projects we will carry out with high technological quality, unconditional customer satisfaction and work discipline. In this sense, we aim to be the leading company that is considered a benchmark in the sector.

In the context of brand ideas, we work with our solution partners to provide the most accurate services to your brand. We think that the union of forces creates synergy. Together with our solution partners, we strive to strengthen brands, differentiate them and ensure their integration into the world.

In the sectors in which we operate; We have adopted the principle of meeting the expectations of our customers, employees and solution partners at the highest level by being respectful to the individual and society, loyal to the law, economic and moral principles, and sensitive to health, safety and the environment.

We are ready to assist our customers professionally in many matters. From now on, we will continue to see the sensitivity of our business partners and customers as our own in every step we take.

İbrahim GÜNGÖR
Chairman Of The Board


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The understanding of being a company that shapes the future by using the opportunities that technology provides in a professional way defines our vision.


Believing in the power of correct communication, our main mission is to provide high value-added services with an approach that always focuses on understanding you.

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