Occupational Health and Safety Policy

TCC Group continues its activities as required by laws and regulations regarding occupational health and safety. For this reason, authorized units related to occupational health and safety are formed in accordance with the branch of activity and the number of personnel. At the same time, according to the number of personnel, sufficient occupational safety specialists, workplace physicians and health officers work in our subsidiaries.

According to the measures we take and the regulations we make:

  • We carry out the necessary training activities for occupational health and safety.
  • We take measures to prevent occupational accidents and occupational diseases.
  • We carry out the necessary work to ensure that occupational health and safety is adopted as a corporate culture by all our stakeholders and employees.
  • We supply the equipment and hardware needed to make the working environment safer.
Minimum documents required from subcontractor / supplier companies and their employees to be able to work in our workplaces

1) Health Examination Reports of Employees

  • Certification of Dangerous Goods Professional
  • Work at Height Certification

2) Occupational Health and Safety Training Records

  • If any, the company’s own OHS Specialist or If service is received from OHST, OHST training records
  • Work at height training records of personnel who will work at height

3) Professional Competence Certificates or Mastery Certificates for obligatory professions Documents must belong to the work to be done,

  • Vocational Training Documents for professions that do not have a Vocational
  • Qualification Document requirement

4) Personal Protective Equipment Debit Records of the Employee(s)

Personal Protective Equipment given with the embezzlement form should be with the employees and should be used.

5) SSI Records of Employee(s)

6) If work equipment will be used, work equipment periodic checks and driver’s licenses

7) Hand tools such as chisels, files, drills and the like and work assistive equipment used in lifting, transporting (such as load sling, load chain, load rope etc.), which are not deformed in accordance with the standard and are ensured that they do not cause work accidents during use.