With High Quality Standards

Our Solution Focused Approaches

As TCC GROUP, we have worked in many different sectors and we continue to do so.

Our knowledge of global trends and “best practices” in the market allows us to quickly develop the original solutions you need.

Our employees who are experts in their fields, identify your needs with an external eye and in an independent status and create a positive impact on your business results by managing the change in all areas that require expertise.

Our Consulting department, which has a structure that can provide full-scale services in all areas of both corporate finance and management consultancy, together with our expanded team and investments we made in different areas such as health, education, investment and assistance services, technology and digital services. It is ready to offer every service needed by the public sector under one roof.

In the new reality we are in, we continue to provide added value for both the business world and the consultancy sector by implementing our new plans with our strong and experienced team.

Your Time

We make it quality and efficient with our expert team.

Your Goals

We are a guide with our experienced team.


We are with you in the market with our expert field teams.

Solution Focused

We aim to provide added value to your projects and companies with our work.

Always for the bestHealth Consulting

Our goal is to bring you together with specialist physicians and fully equipped health institutions and organizations in Turkey’s leading hospitals, to ensure that you get the most accurate diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible, and to reach the best by consulting during and after your treatment and care process.

To be strongerAssistance Services

TCC Assistance provides the evaluation and coordination of the individual assistant services and the corporate health management program. Therefore, it strengthens employee loyalty, productivity and brand image with the individual assistance services provided and the support provided to the employees.


Foreign Trade & Investment Partnership

Our goal is to provide growth financing to entrepreneurs and to provide improvements in the main axes such as institutionalism, strategy determination, good management, efficiency and productivity in structuring their roadmaps. We connect entrepreneurs with professional capital. Our aim is to increase the operational performance of our partner companies, to strengthen their competitive stance and thus to increase their market values.

Digital Advertising & Agency Services

Our goal is to keep our customers up-to-date in the ever-evolving and changing digital world and to enable them to be leaders in their sectors. In this context, we provide various services such as digital advertising and marketing, corporate software solutions, creative agency services, big data analysis and business analytics.


In the most prestigious schoolsEducation Consultancy

We bring together the most prestigious schools in Turkey with students who want to study in Turkey. Our aim is to provide reliable, quality counseling and guidance services to students who want to receive services in this regard.

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