Key Assistance

Key Assistance is a company that has branches in Djibouti, Somalia, Algeria, Iraq and Mauritania and works in cooperation with different government institutions and private organizations on a global scale. It works with the best health institutions in Turkey for individuals from Africa, Middle East countries or other countries of the world who want to reach quality health services.

Another important field of activity of our company is education tourism. All the necessary support for those who want to study at the university of their dreams, in the department of their choice in Turkey, is provided by members of our Key Assistance family, each of whom is passionate about their job. Always stay with us for our services that touch your life in insurance and many other fields.

High Added Value
Work Safety
Environmental Awareness
Work Experience
Health Tourism Consultancy
Reach the most suitable health services for you without difficulty.
Education Tourism Consultancy
Key Assistance support in all processes for you to study at your dream university in Turkey.
Assistance Services
Key Assistance offers you the most suitable life insurance options so that you always feel safe.

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